Buffalo Bills Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks are a truly unique, heavy smoked beef stick with "Olde World" flavor in every bite. Without question, this is the heartiest beef stick on the market. Using a century old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, these 4" beef sticks are made solely with US-raised beef. Each 1.25-lb pack of Buffalo Bills Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks contains 20 unwrapped beef sticks and each stick weighs 1oz.
Buffalo Bills Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks - 20-Ct Packs
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Product ID: XB20W
Your Price: $17.50
You Sell For: $1.25/Stick (Suggested)
Your Profit: $7.50 (30.00%)
Unit Size: 20 Unwrapped Sticks Per Bag
Recommended Display To Use:
Acrylic Display - OSDW (view below) or
Plastic Display - PSSW (view below)


Min/Max Order: 1 / 100

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Reviewed by MamaBs
04/24/2012 - 06:16:30 AM
Big seller for us
Our customers love these - they are really smokey...as soon as we open our shipments you can smell these across the store. We have regulars who buy these most every trip in. They're short but really thick and dense. We have these at both registers.
Reviewed by Hankerings
04/18/2012 - 08:45:51 AM
German Butcher Shop
We're a small cafe on one side and a prepared foods and deli counter on the other. We added these sticks to our counter on our last order and customers love them. They are REALLY smokey and thick. Spent a few years in Germany and these are very similar to what you would find in the butcher shops there.