Buffalo Bills Premium Beef Jerky 1oz Packs (in 12-count display boxes) contain bite-size pieces of Buffalo Bills Premium Beef Jerky packed in hole-punched silver and gold foil pouches. Made from "hung in the smokehouse", whole muscle beef jerky, Buffalo Bills Premium Beef Jerky 1oz Packs are available in 3 popular flavors - Hickory, Spicy, and Teriyaki. Each black box contains 12 silver and gold foil 1oz packs of beef jerky.
Buffalo Bills Premium Beef Jerky 1oz Packs - 12-Ct Box
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Product ID: J1DW
Your Price: $29.32
You Sell For: $3.49/Pack (Suggested)
Your Profit: $12.56 (30.00%)
Unit Size: (12) 1oz Packs Per Box
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Reviewed by Route6Beverage
04/24/2012 - 08:37:33 AM
Nice packaging and great jerky
We just recently added a floor rack to our beer store and all 3 flavors of this 1oz jerky were included with the rack. We have sold Buffalo Bills right along in the jar but not these packs. We have already sold thru the 36 packs that came with the rack and just re-ordered. Beer sales are steady but not what they used to be - the meat snacks and dry snacks have been a big help.