Faire Sack Huzzah!

Buffalo Bills Faire Sack Huzzah Beef JerkyBuffalo Bills Faire Sack Huzzah! Beef Jerky is a traditional, thin-sliced jerky – tender yet chewy. Inside each imprinted drawstring burlap wine bag is a 5oz resealable and hole-punched pack of Huzzah! Beef Jerky. This royal jerky is available in five distinct flavors - Hot, Original, Pepper, Sweet, and Teriyaki. It’s the perfect seller for faires, festivals, and specialty shops.

Our burlap wine bags measure 13.5” x 6” and can hold up to three 5oz packs of Huzzah! Beef Jerky. If you wish to sell more than one pack of jerky in your burlap wine bags, then simply order our “Refill Packs” below. In addition, we do offer empty burlap bags should you require them.

By the way, for those of us not born in the 1500’s, Huzzah (pronounced whose-zah) is an exclamation of joy or happiness – hoorah!

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