Sausages – No Pork

Hannah’s Pickled Sausages Hannah’s Pickled Sausages (made with chicken and beef – no pork) are available in 4 great choices: Mexicana Red Hot Sausages 1.7oz (20-ct box), Big Pickled Sausages 1.7oz (20-ct box), Red Hot Sausages 0.7oz (50-ct box), and TNT Red Hot Sausages 0.7oz (50-ct box). Hannah’s Pickled Sausages deliver that extra tang for serious snack lovers nationwide – each one proudly made in the USA.  

In respect to heat level, Big Pickled Sausages and Red Hot Sausages are “mildly spicy”, Mexicana Red Hot Sausages have a “little extra heat”, and TNT Red Hot Sausages are “moderately spicy”.

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