Unwrapped 7" strips of Buffalo Bills classic Premium Hickory Beef Jerky. Just place them next to the register and they will sell themselves! Introduced in 1990, Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky is the product Buffalo Bills was founded upon. After all these years, its nationwide popularity continues to grow. This "hung in the smokehouse", whole muscle beef jerky is marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper. Each 12.5oz vacuum packed bag contains 25 unwrapped 7" strips. Each beef jerky strip weighs approximately 0.5oz.

Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky 25-ct 7” Strips - 12.5oz
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Product ID: J137W
Your Price: $29.57
You Sell For: $1.69/Strip (Suggested)
Your Profit: $12.68 (30.00%)
Unit Size: 25 Unwrapped Strips Per Bag
Recommended Display To Use:
Glass Mason Jar (view below)


Min/Max Order: 1 / 480

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by DustysEast
04/24/2012 - 07:01:36 AM
Seldom writes these things but these guys make one hell of a great selling jerky. Our sports bar has 2 bars inside and 1 deck bar - we have jars of these at all 3 spots. No question it's a hit - it's steady all of the time but on a dart or pool league night we'll go thru a bag plus at each inside bar. We just started selling their Maple Pepper jerky on the last order. Also, these folks are really quick on shipping - our boxes get to Florida in 2-3 days. Thanks!!!
Reviewed by BarbsPlace
04/18/2012 - 05:19:13 PM
Too salty
I'll have to qualify this by saying this is only my personal opinion, but this stuff is too salty for me. Strips are also hard to pull apart without breaking them because vacuum pack is so tight. I'll still have to give it 3 stars though cause some customers seem to like it and it doesn't hurt beer sales!
Reviewed by JJsConvenience
04/18/2012 - 06:58:46 AM
Hands Down Best Seller
We've been selling Buffalo Bills since they first opened in Lancaster - 20 some years later we still keep a jar at the counter and customers still love it as much as ever. Really good company to deal with and their products have always done well for us. This jerky and their Short Shots are the only 2 loose products we sell at the counter.
Reviewed by DBTavern
04/17/2012 - 11:56:26 AM
Best Beef Jerky!
This is the only tavern snack you'll ever need! I'd been eating this stuff for almost 20 years before I got into the bar business. I put 2 mason jars on opposite ends of the bar and order 12 bags every 2 months - 10 for the customers and 2 for me! I throw a couple Jalapeno & Cheese Smokies or a Longshot or two into the order to hit the $300 mark and save 3%. This stuff ROCKS!!
Reviewed by DavesDeli
04/11/2012 - 02:01:27 PM
Customers Really Like
We have been selling this product at the counter for a good 2 years now and it's selling as strong now as when we first started with this Buffalo Bills jerky. We just started with their Maple Pepper - so far it's a hit, too.