Unwrapped 7" strips of Buffalo Bills Premium Maple Pepper Beef Jerky. After vacationing in Vermont in 2010, Buffalo Bill went back to Pennsylvania with this enticing variation on Buffalo Bills classic Premium Hickory Beef Jerky. Using real maple syrup with an added bite of cracked black pepper, this inspired flavored combo has quickly become a national hit. Buffalo Bills Premium Maple Pepper Beef Jerky is a "hung in the smokehouse", whole muscle beef jerky. Each 12.5oz vacuum packed bag contains 25 unwrapped 7" strips. Each beef jerky strip weighs approximately 0.50oz.

Buffalo Bills Premium Maple Pepper Beef Jerky 25-ct 7” Strips - 12.5oz
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Product ID: MP25W
Your Price: $27.82
You Sell For: $1.59/Strip (Suggested)
Your Profit: $11.93 (30.00%)
Unit Size: 25 Unwrapped Strips Per Bag
Recommended Display To Use:
Glass Mason Jar (view below)


Min/Max Order: 1 / 144

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Reviewed by FairsToYou
10/29/2014 - 03:39:04 PM
Maple Pepper
At a couple recent fairs, I started using this product as my first sample for customers coming up to my booth. I've been getting an extremely high percentage of positive feedback. Selling a lot of strips as well as 3.5oz and LB bags.
Reviewed by SophiesMart
10/08/2014 - 04:07:08 PM
"Add On" sales
I wasn't sure I wanted a 2nd jerky jar on the counter. We've been selling the Buffalo Bills Hickory for years and I didn't really want to "cannibalize" my own sales. But it didn't work out that way! Hickory customers still buy hickory, and we picked up another 8-10 customers (3 or 4 of them women) who absolutely love the Maple Pepper. Enough to go through at least a jar a week. Great product!