The best way to merchandise our selection of unwrapped jerky strips is to use this old-fashioned 1.5-liter wire bale glass mason display jar. The jar's rubber gasket will keep your jerky airtight and fresh for days. Although unwrapped jerky strips can be sold in our plastic displays (Item # P72W for our 7" strips and Item # P64W for our 6" strips), your jerky sales will be significantly higher if you use our glass mason display jars instead. On average, jerky sold in glass will outsell jerky sold in plastic by 30% - customers simply prefer the "homemade" look of jerky when it's displayed in this old-fashioned jar. (Please note this product display will be shipped with the appropriate product label that will match the product you order.)

Glass Mason Display Jar
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Product ID: J2W
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Unit Size: 1 Wire Bale Glass Mason Jar


Min/Max Order: 1 / 144